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Whale Villages Cruise

Quick Details

Wonderful all-inclusive Cruise through the Dutch canals followed by a guided Tour through Whale Village

On board you are welcomed with 2 x coffee, tea or lemonade

Ships lunch

  • Two tasty bread rolls
  • Delicious soup
  • 2 x coffee, tea or lemonade


At Graft you transfer onto the Oldtimer bus which brings you to the hart of the old Whale Villages of Graft. While the Oldtimer bus is waiting for you, you take a guided tour and through this lovely village and visit the smallest candy store in the Netherlands, where you will receive a small bag with candy as a souvenir.

De Rijp

The bus then takes you to De Rijp, an amazing pretty liitle village with a great history. There you will have a guided tour and visit the old town hall of De Rijp. In the townhall of De Rijp coffee is served and an information film about the history of the village of De Rijp is shown. By then it’s time to go. The Oldtimer takes you safely back to Alkmaar.

Send us a message or call 072 515 94 90 to schedule an individual day trip. Price on request.